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About British Airways

British Airways is the flag carrier and a full-service global airline headquartered in the United Kingdom. In terms of fleet size, it is the largest in the U.K. and the second largest in terms of passenger capacity. Its main hub is London Heathrow Airport and the airline currently operates in more than 160 destinations including 6 domestic locations. British Airways is popular for offering low airfares all the year round along with an extensive route network flying from and to centrally-located airports.

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Yes, indeed! The British Airways app is designed based on the user needs and provides instant access to the necessary information required at the right time. The app makes everything easy for the traveler- from booking to check-in, boarding to accessing in-flight entertainment service, and tracking the flight status and schedules, providing the real-time data insights.

British Airways baggage policy has different limitations for carry-on luggage, checked baggage, excess baggage, musical instruments and sports equipment.

#British Airways Carry-on Baggage Allowance:

BA allows a person to carry a piece of hand luggage which includes a standard bag with dimensions up to 56 x 45 x 25 (cm)  and a small item (or personal item) with dimensions up to 40 x 30 x 15 (cm).

The allowed weight of these items is 23 kg and in case it exceeds, it will be considered as on hold and can be added as your checked baggage. For any additional baggage, you will be charged an excess baggage fee.

#British Airways Checked Baggage Allowance:

British Airways checked baggage policy allows you to check-in bags up to specific weight and size which varies with the travel route, booking fare and ticket type.

Your baggage size, including the wheels and handles, must not exceed 90 x 75 x 43 (cm) and should have maximum weight of 23kg or 32kg depending on the destination route or ticket type.

#British Airways Extra Baggage Allowance:

Passengers traveling in British Airways can check-in up to ten (10) pieces of bags per flight along with the checked baggage allowance provided by the airline. Say, if you have one free checked luggage, you can add nine more pieces of bags paying a cost for each.

Online booking charges per piece: £36 to £120

Airport Booking price per piece:  £40 to £140

Bags weighing more than 32kg will be entitled to a fee of £65 per bag, and if more heavier will be transported as cargo.

#British Airways Instrument and Equipment Allowance:

The airlines permit a traveler to carry any musical instrument or a sports equipment as checked luggage with the following dimensions over these items 190 x 75 x 65(cm) and may incur an extra fee if exceeds the standard weight(23kg).

For more details, it is recommended you visit the British Airways official site.

One can easily get the British Airways boarding pass in a few steps. You just need to check-in online 24 hours before by accessing Manage My Booking.

Once done with the check-in, you can print the boarding pass received on your email or can get it from the airport Kiosk or can even access the e-boarding pass directly from your mobile device.

Moreover, BA has simplified the boarding process in order to reduce congestion and has created groups through which one can board the aircraft with pre-boarding facilities for families traveling with children and people with disabilities.

If you are a gold member or an executive club member, then you can check-in based on the group you fall in, by visiting here.

There are three ways for British Airways check-in: online check-in, app check-in and at the airport. Online check-in can be done through “Manage my Booking” 24 hours before the flight departure. (One can print/email/download the boarding pass thereafter)

Download the BA app on your smartphone or tablet to check-in on the go. Then, download your e-boarding pass for return and connecting flights.

At the airport, you can do the check-in at the airport Kiosk where you will be required to share your booking reference or fill up an identification form (credit/debit/executive club card or passport). One can also do the check-in at the check-in desk or look for check-in and boarding.

British Airlines flight schedules are updated from time to time and one can get the real-time data insights on flight departure and arrivals, delays and cancelations, latest flight news and much more.

Visit the official site of BA and find detailed information on British Airways flight status, the route networks and news (new routes or changes in routes), timetables (when and where to fly), aircraft and fleet and much more. The BA flight information menu explains everything in depth.

British Airways booking can be easily done to more than 170 destinations covering pan Asia, Europe, UK and Ireland, the Caribbean and South America, North America, Africa Middle East and Australia.

British Airways flight booking can be done for distinct travel classes namely short-haul business class, short-haul economy class, long-haul first class and many others in the line.

Book your next flight with additional services- hotel booking and car rentals by logging in to your BA account. One can create a trip or search for it and travel with the airline, enjoying the quality services provided by the brand

British Airways business class, also known as Club World and British Airways first class when compared have minor differences, primarily related to the seats and the cost where both of them offer almost same perks to the travellers.

Commonly, a passenger traveling with BA first or business class has access to airport lounges (with free Wi-Fi, and food and drinks), roomier seats with enhanced privacy.

Coming to the seating part, business seats are a bit adjacent to each other where one can enjoy the company of another traveller during the flight whereas its opposite in the case of first class as it solely meant for providing privacy to the passengers.

When comparing the costs, sometimes one can see a huge difference between these travel classes of BA which also depends on the destination route. Generally, First class category of seats has higher prices than the other option.

The Executive Club is British Airways' frequent flyer program and has an alliance with the ‘oneworld’ program due to which one can enjoy many privileges like access to airport lounges and their facilities, easy transfers between partner airlines, earn elite status and much more.

One can reward himself with Avios British Airways when you fly with the airline and also its allied partners. Commuters flying with the airline and its partners, acquire “Avios” reward points, which they can then redeem for flights, upgrades, hotels, car rentals and more.

The Executive BA Club offers the following advantages:

  • Collect reward points for free
  • Benefit from the reward points when you are flying, taking a holiday, hotel stay or car rental with us plus with our wide range of partners.
  • Share accounts with family and friends to earn rewards faster.

One can find out other reasons to join the loyalty program along with the terms and conditions in detail.

BA also privileges you to pay if you want to travel on a selected seat at either the time of booking or anytime afterwards for a fee. British Airways seat selection helps you reserve your preferred seat and avoid sitting separately from your loved ones or friends. It is recommended selecting seats in advance either for free or by paying a cost which totally depends on the circumstances.

Some of the influencing factors where you might need to pay for a seat are, the type of ticket purchased, the traveling class, and other miscellaneous situations. Depending on the British Airways tickets, Basic/Economy you can book a seat free of cost 24 hours before the departure, i.e. when check-in opens for the flight.

The easiest way to check the seat availability is by checking out the British Airways manage my booking either on the web or on the BA app.

As per the British Airways Pet Policy, pets can be transported in Cabin, in the Cargo hold or checked-in. The airline allows assistance for dogs, pets and emotional support animals. The pet travel service of assistance dogs in the Cabin is free, cannot be booked online, and comes with a limitation on the number of pets carried in the BA flight.

Emotional Support Animals and other pets are allowed to travel in the British Airways cargo hold where the airline's personnel take a good care of them, ensuring they travel with great comfort. The airline has partnered with PetAir UK that is run and owned by qualified professionals and veterinary surgeons.

Note: British Airways do provide any service to export animals to the desired destination as checked baggage.

To know more about the pet policy click here. Or call the British Airways phone number